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Who CHC Serves

From Abbotsford to Williams Lake, Community Housing Coverage is the unified voice for hundreds of urban, community, and rural non-profit housing members across British Columbia.

Our members span the non-profit housing sector in BC, including supportive housing and independent housing providers for seniors, families, and individuals.

But our work goes beyond our membership. Our vision is a safe, secure, and affordable home for every British Columbian.

Learn more about how the BC Non-Profit Housing Association is working to make this a reality.

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The Benefits of CHC

By leveraging the bulk-buying power of this program, CHC is able to fund participating providers' high-frequency, low-cost claims.

Providers will pay up to their deductible limit, while CHC covers amounts between the deductible and $250,000.

This collective approach allows CHC to act as a unified voice, supporting the entire sector in negotiating with the global insurance market and realize savings for program participants.

Key benefits of the CHC pooled approach include:

Collective Buying Power

Allows the group to secure more favourable rates and terms than if each member were to negotiate individually.

Risk Sharing

Risk is distributed among all members of the pool when negotiating as a consortium. This risk-sharing benefit helps stabilize premiums and reduces the impact of individual claims on any single participant.


Provides a "strength in numbers" advantage, allowing the group to advocate for specific coverage needs, better policy terms, and more competitive pricing.

Cost Savings

By negotiating as a unified entity, the pooled group can access volume discounts, lower carrier costs, and potentially benefit from a better loss history collectively, leading to reduced overall insurance premiums.

Administrative Efficiency

Managing insurance policies for a large number of entities individually can be complex. CHC acts as a central administrator, streamlining the administrative processes, making it more efficient for both the insurance providers and our insured members.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Pooled insurance can also support risk mitigation efforts. The collective data and experience of the group may allow for better risk assessment, leading to data-driven decision-making and proactive risk management measures.

Why Community Housing Coverage

A sector-led advisor with one purpose.

We know housing insurance from the inside out and we’ve partnered with industry-leading brokerage, HUB International, to create a program that offers cost-effective coverage for non-profit housing providers across BC. Community Housing Coverage is able to leverage the pooled buying power of our sector to secure preferred rates and stable premiums in the face of ever-soaring insurance costs.

We’re with you every step of the way, from setting up coverage to managing a claim, Community Housing Coverage guides you through it all. We even handle most low-cost, high-frequency losses without you having to make a claim, keeping your claims ratio low.

Combining exceptional customer service with industry expertise, Community Housing Coverage’s sector-led program provides unbeatable value for members.

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How it Works

Acting as an administrative service provider and an umbrella entity, CHC can pool individual providers into a provincial consortium.

This approach gives the sector a greater influence in advocating and negotiating with the global insurance market, resulting in benefits such as stable premiums, discounted rates, and the ability to create a fund for covering high-frequency, low-cost claims.

Providers' policies are directly with HUB International, but CHC serves as the intermediary between providers, the consortium, and HUB.

CHC oversees policy renewals, acts as the main point of contact, and provides round-the-clock response and restoration services across the province.

The CHC board, is made up of members appointed by BCNPHA, external insurance, and legal experts. The board will evaluate next steps for the program based on claims performance, potentially adjusting limits, offering grants, or lowering premiums.

Our History

BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) is the umbrella association for non-profit housing providers in BC, serving 550 non-profit housing societies who provide more than 60,000 units of affordable housing at more than 2,000 sites.

Since 2006, BCNPHA has provided members with the option to directly purchase insurance through a preferred rate with an insurance partner.

Despite this discounted rate, non-profit providers have each faced compounding annual increases, in addition to negative customer service and claims experiences and barriers in acquiring policies individually.

In response and after years of development, BCNPHA created a sector-led insurance property program that addresses these key issues and brings together a united voice for the non-profit housing sector.

What's Next: Rollout Schedule

The launch of Community Housing Coverage was a key highlight at the Housing Central Conference, marking the beginning of a new era in housing insurance. Offering tailored insurance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of housing providers, the program is set to build a stronger, more resilient community housing sector.

For detailed information on policy benefits, enrollment, and how this program can support your housing initiatives, we invite you to contact us.

About Us

BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) is the provincial umbrella organization for the non-profit housing sector.

Serving our members and the entire sector across BC through education, programs, advocacy, and events, their vision is a safe, secure, and affordable home for every person and family in British Columbia.

We are making this happen by acting as a unified voice for hundreds of urban, community, and rural non-profit housing members; building public support through education of the value and benefits of affordable housing; developing the sector’s social, financial, and environmental sustainability; and ultimately ensuring strong systems that can meet the housing needs of all British Columbians.

Our Board

The Community Housing Coverage board consists of five members. Three members appointed by BCNPHA, one member is an external insurance expert, and one member is an external legal expert.

William Azaroff

Chief Executive Officer | Brightside Community Homes and Chair | BCNPHA

Frank Chong

Vice President/Secretary:
SVP Risk & Finance | Stabilization Central

Andrea Blakeman

CEO | Ballenas Housing Society

Jill Atkey

Chief Executive Officer | BCNPHA

Howie Wong

Chief Executive Officer | Housing Services Corp., Ontario

Our Team

Bryan Woo

Chief Executive Officer

Gaby Ortiz

Business Manager

Mark Latham

Relationship Manager

About HUB International

HUB International is recognized as one of the world’s largest and most experienced insurance brokerages, bringing extensive experience in property risk management as well as an invaluable network of leading insurance providers.

Find out more about HUB International:

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